"Brooklyn sure does make some stunning offspring !!  I think Archie is one fantastic fella !!!!
I honestly cant find one thing I don't like about him :)  he looks flawless !!!
Thanks for sending his photos to me :)"
Terrie Rhoden

That is phenomenal to have won the breed under Lowell Davis!  He is a
very respected judge.  He bred fawns and brindles years ago.  I would have
never expected him to put up a Harl.
Vi Jancic

Hi Jenn,
First of all, I checked out your website and your photos are great!  I wish we lived closer cuz I'd love you to photograph our Dane, Daisy. There are photos of her on CK's website if you want to see her.
Now, I'll try to answer your questions in order:
Clark and Wanda at CKharlequins are EXACTLY the kind of breeder/family you want to adopt from. The puppies are their family and they are brought up in their house.  Clark and Wanda have made themselves available to me by phone and email to answer questions or give advice (I'm a first time Dane mom) numerous times. They love their dogs and are concerned about the homes that their puppies go to (they cried the day we took Daisy home).
Daisy is 14 months old and I don't think I will ever look at another breed.  I've had a shar pei and also have a havanese that I adore, but Danes are really special. You'll know what I mean when yours will look at you. The girl who does Daisy's pedicures has a Dane, and asked me just the other day if I'll ever have a different breed.  We both agree there's nothing like them. Danes have a sense of humor too. Honestly - they do wacky things just to make you laugh. Most important to me is they love to be loved. Daisy still wants to sit in my lap(she's about 115 lbs now), she loves her toys, loves her beds, loves to snuggle and loves lots of smoochies. I think that Danes need a lot of attention, but not constant.  When Daisy gets her luvies from me shes then content.
As to breeding issue- problems, that's a biggie and we have had none. Our vet checked her over with a fine tooth comb, and said she's absolutely perfect. I'm no expert, but I would say that Clark and Wanda breed with integrity and the proof is in the puppies.  Also, take a look at their other dogs.  Daisy's grandma, Brooklin, was 12 when we went to pick out Daisy, and we saw her running about. I think that's amazing for her age.
I believe I read that you have 2 little ones at home. Just keep in mind that your puppy has no idea of what a little moose she/he is - they're kinda clumsy, and the happy tail is intense.  Other than that, Danes are terrific with babies and kids.
I hope this helps - I know how worrisome choosing a breeder can be, but Ckharlequins is a winner.  We live in Orchard Park, NY - it's not exactly right next door.  When I'm ready for my second Dane, I won't bother looking anywhere else.
If you have any other questions or concerns I'd be happy to hear from you. Email me any time.  I'd love to get a photo of your new little bundle!
Good luck!
Barbara Lane